Framing a Very Long Tapestry!

As specialists in framing needlework we see all sorts of designs, shapes and sizes. This recent job however, has to be the longest and thinnest we have ever encountered! It was originally intended as a belt but the customer prefered to frame it for their wall.

The long, thin shape lent itself to a narrow, simple frame, however, it had to be very strong to stop the long length bowing.  Most thin wood frames wouldn’t be suitable so the answer was aluminium.  The extra strength the metal provides makes it ideal for this type of job.  It’s simplicity also suited the bright, graphic design of the tapestry perfectly.

The needlework was stretched and laced onto a conservation board before being mounted. The double mount kept the tapestry away from the glass in order to protect it.  To keep the detail as sharp as possible it was glazed with our special anti-reflection glass. Almost invisible, it also has uv filters so the colours of the threads will be saved from the effects of the sun.

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