A Hand Finished Frame For a Special Document

We were lucky enough to be asked to frame a very special document recently – an Order of the Garter.  The traditional certificate was decorated with beautiful calligraphy and finished with two large, deep wax seals.

 We decided to frame it using one of our had finished, wood mouldings as it is such a traditional piece.  The wood, a solid oak, was stained using a rich deep brown and finished with natural bees wax to protect the colour and finish.

As you can see, the black core mount was specially cut to fit around the seals.  The seals were extremely deep, set in brass holders, so we had to construct a box frame to accommodate them. We used a spacer to keep the glass far enough away and stained it to match the frame.

 As before we used our special low uv and anti reflection glass in order to both protect and display the order of the garter to the highest standard.

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