Framing a Double Sided Coin

So often three-dimensional items are hidden away in a drawer when instead they could be hung on a wall for you to enjoy. We have framed all sorts of items over the years and can can turn virtually any of our mouldings into a deep box frame.

When a customer bought in the coin below his main concern was that the back of the coin, which was just as interesting as the front, would be covered up.

 The answer was to glaze it on both sides so the reverse could be viewed by simply turning it over.  A special double-sided mount was cut and the coin lodged in place and a simple pewter coloured frame complemented the metal. As with all framing, the glass should not touch the item so we used a black window mount to act as both a spacer and border.

 The black mount was repeated on the reverse to enable brass fixings to keep everything in place. As you can see, the back was as neat as the front!

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