Framing Two Antique Fans

I’ve talked about framing three-dimensional objects before and here is a perfect example of displaying items that would otherwise have been kept hidden in a drawer. A customer recently bought in two beautiful antique, ostrich feather fans.  They were very large and because of the feathers, required a deep frame to accommodate them.

The fans were surface mounted onto a deep red board, carefully attached with invisible thread so they could be removed at any time without damage. We chose a traditional gold frame, in keeping with the style and age of the fans.  It was wide enough to provide strength to hold the glass in place but did not overpower the delicate fans.
To ensure the glass did not touch the feathers we built a deep, gold spacer into the frame, creating a box.  We used our Clear Colour plus UV to reduce reflection and protect the fans and mount from fading.

These antique fans, too beautiful to be hidden in a drawer can now be enjoyed everyday!

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