Monthly Archives: October 2011

Adding an Arched Mount and Extra Frame Depth

After a little break for holidays we are back to our blog and I want show you how a different shaped mount opening can complement an artwork.

We recently framed a delicate cross stitch with an arched top.  A rectangular mount would have fought against the design so we decided to create a mount that would mirror the soft curve of the needlework. As we have a computerised, precision mount cutter at Simon Robinson & Son, we can design the opening to suit the artwork and ensure a very high quality finish.  We are even able to make shaped double mounts which is what was chosen this time.

Sometimes a frame isn’t deep enough to accommodate all the different elements that are to fit in it – glass, mounts, stretched needlework, conservation backing etc.  To ensure you can still benefit from our entire range of mouldings, we have developed a special insert, allowing us to increase the depth of the frame.

We paint or stain the insert to match the frame or mount. In this case it has been given a pale wash on the inside to match the mount and a light green wash on the back edge to match the frame.  At Simon Robinson & Son we take pride in the finish and ensure the back is as neat as the front. You can see below how the depth has been extended.



We used a speciality glass, clear colour plus, to eliminate as much reflection as possible and keep all the beautiful detail of the cross stitch.