Monthly Archives: November 2011

Float Mounting an Oil Painting…

Recently one of our customers came in with a lovely oil painting with a request for a specific look for their frame. We were able to match their unique requirements by hand finishing a moulding from our range.

The frame was distressed, using a technique we have perfected over time at Simon Robinson & Son, to give a weathered finish. The subtilty of the finished frame really complemented the oil painting and the final effect was stunning.

To further enhance the look, we incorporated a gap around the oil which gave the appearance of the canvas floating within the frame. Also, we included a spacer to set the canvas in relief and deepen the gap between the glass.

Here we added our special clear colour glass to eliminate as much reflection as possible so the framed oil can be viewed in the clearest way.

One Step at a Time…

If you have visited Simon Robinson & Son, you will probably have seen the example of framed baby shoes on display. Framing your child’s shoes is a lovely way of preserving the memory of those first steps.

A customer recently bought in some very pretty flower girl shoes that would normally have been resigned to the bottom of a wardrobe.

The cream silk shoes had a very delicate pattern and we didn’t want the frame to distract from this. Therefore we chose a pale cream mount and frame creating a simple yet contemporary look.

We used one of our unique spacers to build up the depth of the frame and create a box.  We painted the spacer to match the frame and mount, adding to the simplicity of the overall piece. You can see below how the depth has been built in.

As with all our box frames we recommended our special clear colour glass to eliminate as much reflection as possible. This makes a huge difference when framing three-dimensional objects.

The overall effect was stunning – the perfect way to both display and preserve a moment in time.