Framing a sword


I really enjoyed framing this sword and if I say so myself I am delighted with the results, as was the customer. We had to be able to make a frame with a very deep rebate, luckily we have designed our own profile that enables us to frame very deep items but still gives us freedom to use most of the frames in our range.


Putting a suede background behind the sword really made it stand out.


The frame was finished off using our clear colour glass which seems to be especially effective on frames with depth. It felt like one could reach in and grab the sword…… gulp!

One response to “Framing a sword

  1. Hello,
    I was just wondering how you secured the sword to the backing. What material/wire did you use? Also, what backing material did you use? I am curious because a sword is relatively heavy and of course standard backing won’t do. Perhaps you have a better technique than we use here in the U.S.


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