A splash of colour

We are often working with Interior Designers, this is something I really enjoy, one reason for this is they have really interesting and different ideas. I am not too proud to admit that I am always open to new Ideas, something that Julie Maclean has in abundance! We have been working with Julie for many years and it always brings up something a bit different…..challenging!

Picture framers Cambridge Julie Maclean

Simon Robinson and Son Julie Maclean1

I have mentioned this before but at the risk of repeating myself ….I love it when customers show us our framing in situ, so in that spirit here are a couple of photos that Julie sent us of her most recent project. For this we framed an art work on material, we stretched it over a large frame first then floated it within a thin white frame. Floating means the edges of the frame do not cover the art work, there is a gap between art and the frame so one can see the framed piece in its entirety…very effective.

Simon Robinson and Son Julie Maclean

To see more of Julies work you can visit  http://www.juliemaclean.com/

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